Can I Cloth Diaper?

Great Grandma and them use to cloth diaper, but today we are filling landfills with disposable diapers. I hear you because disposables are so convenient. Well let me just pop that bubble ain’t nothing more convenient than saving money, and not having to clean poop out of a babies hair or carseat due to blow-outs.

Recently I had the chance to chat with Adell Hederson of Great Beginnings Beyond Birth about any and everything Cloth Diapers. We discussed the types, styles, absorption and pros. If you’ve ever heard about cloth, thought that sounds interesting, and wanted to know the truth here’s your chance. Adell and I tell all the secrets from how and why we started to how much money we have saved!

Watch the entire chat and catch a glimpse of her adorable boys below.

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Check out some of my FAVORITE Black Owned/Created Cloth Diapers

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