I am a MOMpreneur with a baby. I don’t have toddlers, my older kids go to school but I do have a tiny little breastfeeding shadow. She was my excuse as to why I couldn’t GROW my business, but she was also the reason why I had to GROW my business. See daycare isn’t an option for me and I’m actually contemplating homeschooling so my business has to be successful, it has to make money. But, I  have a baby to take care of and there’s no daycare.

That is literally how I felt everyday conflicted, confused and too overwhelmed to do anything. It wasn’t working. There were some major changes I had to make in my business to start reaching the goals that I had for my business.


Go outside, Jennifer… Sounds easy and simple right? This was and is my biggest struggle. To get from behind the keyboard, to stop using my Twitter fingers and get out and meet people. I like 45 minutes outside of Atlanta, which I love and hate at the same time. Out here in the country, I mean suburbs, we don’t have public transportation and I don’t have a vehicle so I have valid excuses, I mean reasons, why I don’t go outside. Luckily, God was tired of my excuses and blessed me with a Business Friend who not only freely coaches me on my ish but has made it her goal to get me out of the house once a week. She even got me way out of my comfort zone and in the room to hear Shanel Cooper-Sykes the other night. Don’t I look cute?


See when you sit at home ALL DAY your brain constantly works like in overdrive. I have literally a million and three ideas on any given day but most of the time that’s all they are ideas. Ideas about my social media presence. Ideas on pitching myself for speaking opportunities. Ideas on where and with who I need to network with. Ideas on products. I am on idea surplus, but all the ideas in the world don’t help much when I’m not putting anything into action. I committed to when I think about an idea more than 5 times I write it down and start to brainstorm it through. I don’t focus on the cost, what I can or can’t afford, what sounds silly or stupid. I just brainstorm it all the way through and go from there. I currently have about 7 projects in my business journal that I’m adding to every week. So yeah, I’ve got some amazing projects coming along.


Every morning I wake up with GREAT intentions of accomplishing EVERYTHING my brain comes up with but by about 11 I’m overwhelmed and feel defeated. I finally did the thing everyone says to do… I create weekly and daily to-do lists. Yep, I have post-it notes all over my computer monitor with what needs to be accomplished and every week I spend time writing out what I want to accomplish over the entire week. Amazingly, enough this has helped my productivity go through the roof. For some reason, when I am able to cross something off the list as completed I feel energized and ready to do something else. Now I’m not going to pretend like everything gets completed everyday and yes something’s roll into the next day but it works.


I use to work a 9-5 Monday thru Friday and work on my business in the evenings and on the weekends. I was literally use to working 7 days straight. This lead me to burn-out every couple of weeks, and that usually happened when I really needed to get something done. So I now schedule two days off during the week, usually Wednesday and Saturday. Wednesday was a totally random choice because I’m totally random and Saturday because I am a MOTHER and these kids need my attention.


I’m not where I want to be but I’m so much farther than I was. I am able to think clearly, be way more productive (like getting this blog post up LOL), and still be present and available in my first job as the JKids Mommy. I’m also able to schedule and plan things out so I’m not just flying by the seat of my pants and making things up as I go along.

Are you a MOMpreneur who has or is struggling to GROW your business? What are some tips/tricks you have or areas you need help in. Let’s support one another on the journey.

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