Three time best-selling Amazon Author Ms. Jennifer Pink brings her authentic, transparent candid ways to every page she pens. Whether she is writing her own books or participating in a book project with other phenomenal authors you can always expect her to bring the same signature PINK Sass to every page.

Check out a piece of a candid interview between Ms. Pink and the official PINK publisher Pearly Gates Publishing CEO Angela Edwards.

Pearly Gates: When did you 1st start writing?

Ms. Pink: I’ve always written great stories and essays for school but it wasn’t until my thirties that I began to write professionally through my blog, articles in magazines and eventually my books.


Pearly Gates: What is the story behind your latest book or series of books?

Ms. Pink: This is the book I NEVER wanted to write. Right after my purpose of being a single mom mentor, it became clear. God whispered in my ear to write a book for women just like me. I thought He was crazy, nobody wants to read about the ups and downs of my life, my struggles and my battle with Him. But I guess He knew better than me because the freedom I found in releasing “My Fight With God” has been the most rewarding not to mention the unlocking of my next dimension in Him.


Pearly Gates:What motivated you to become a published author?

Ms. Pink: Everyone else. Everyone asking me to write a book. Everyone wanting me to put my sage down in a book. Everyone declaring that this picture or that picture was book cover ready. And of course God’s constant whispers.


Pearly Gates: What is your writing process?

Ms. Pink: I don’t focus on writing. I don’t think about it at all. I usually start with the theme that I have to get out. Then I come up with the themes within that theme that I feel get my real point across. And then I STOP. I go about my days doing whatever I have to do and wait. I wait until something STOPs me. The moment I am stopped I get to my computer and just start going. I can’t STOP until I’ve gotten it all out. It usually takes 3 to 4 hours and when I’m done there’s a chapter. Sometimes it will be back to back days and sometimes it will take months for the next one to come. I have tried to force the process or do it differently but I can never seem to get one thought out. I have even tried to write when I have a piece of the idea or a little bit of something great but again I can’t get more than two sentences out. So I’ve learned I have to wait until the moment God opens my eyes, heart and soul and is ready for me to release every single piece of sage that He has given me to share.


Pearly Gates: How would you describe your individual writing style?

Ms. Pink: My writing style is authentic and extremely transparent. I don’t know how to write without telling all of my business and talking to my reader as if we are having a real conversation and are true friends. I look at my books as a way for me to build relationships with more women than I could actually ever do in this lifetime. So, I make sure to give them the real uncensored, raw Jennifer Pink. My editor edits me sometimes but most of the time she lets my crazy shine right on through.


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Years of Experience

My Fight With God

How many times have you felt like God has forsaken you? How many times has the shame of your sins and blame of your situation kept you from being in God’s presence? Those are things Ms. Jennifer Pink felt all throughout her life. Ms. Jennifer Pink has been in a toe-to-toe battle with God, all the while trying to be the victorious one. God finally gave her the key to victory in her son, Josiah, as he became the catalyst for change in her life. In “My Fight With God”, Ms. Jennifer Pink shares the battles, knockdowns, lessons, and (most importantly) the Sage she learned from her fight with God. If you have been ever been through, are currently going through, or want to prevent a fight with God in your own life, this book is a must-read!

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Prayers of A Single Mom

Are you a single mother or know a single mother that has gone through a hard time or two? Maybe you or they are going through a hard time or two now?  In those hard times a single mother can feel alone or even as if nobody understands.  There is a need to cry out to God, but the words are not easily articulated.  In “Prayers of a Single Mom” the authors words are here to guide you.  Ms. Jennifer Pink collaborated with several single mothers to compile  prayers of single mothers.  This is a book of prayers that covers almost every experience that a single moms goes through.  The prayers range from encouragement for the times you feel like a failure to the times you simply have to thank God for the strength (and everything in between).

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Motivation for Mompreneurs

What is a MOMpreneur? So glad you asked! Mommy + Entrepreneur = Mompreneur. Women who do it all – as Dawniel Patterson Winningham states “She can bring home bacon, fry it up in a pan and ….” Mompreneurs take on the task of securing her family’s legacy while simultaneously caring for her family. Building people and building a solid financial legacy for her family. It can be tiring. I can be defeating at times and in those times we need a little motivation – something to remind us not to quit! Something to remind us of our why. Motivation for MOMpreneurs is the contribution of 7 MOMpreneurs to offer up that much needed push to the finish line from day to day. We don’t have to conquer the whole world, only the day that we are in!

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"Stories from the Pink Pulpit: Women in Ministry Speak"

Stories from The Pink Pulpit: Women in Ministry Speak is a coming together of women in ministry, to support women in ministry. The stories of how we all answered the call, the struggles of our answers and the ups and downs of being a women called to preach and teach the word. Stories that will reveal the heart of the authors and encourage those that may be struggling with the answering the call or may be questioning if they were called. Women in ministry SPEAK is a trailblazing work of literary art!

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