How many times have you felt like God has forsaken you? How many times has the shame of your sins and blame of your situation kept you from being in God’s presence? Those are things Ms. Jennifer Pink felt all throughout her life.

Ms. Jennifer Pink has been in a toe-to-toe battle with God, all the while trying to be the victorious one. God, all the while trying to be the victorious one. God finally gave her the key to victory in her son, Josiah, as he became the catalyst for change in her life. In “M Fight With God”, Ms. Jennifer Pink shares the battles, knockdowns, lessons, and (most importantly) the Sage she became through the lessons she learned from her fight with God.

If you have ever been through, are currently going through, or want to prevent a fight with God in your own life, this book is a MUST-READ!

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“What an amazing testimony! God is awesome in so many ways. As I was reading, God reminded me that my previous struggles were for a purpose. Ladies, show those past scars and minister to another woman! This book did just that. She revealed her scars, and I was blessed by it.”

My Fight With God Reader

“My Fight With God is an intimate and powerful story of surrendering to God’s perfect plan and seeing it come to fruition.”

First Lady Newells

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“Ok I couldn’t resist starting this book, even though I am reading another book, I read almost all of Chapter 1 and WOW! Wow because I don’t want to stop reading, Wow because I’m taken aback, Wow because this is my story.”


Single Mother of 4

Ms. Pink has developed her Amazon Best-Seller into a One-on-One Coaching Program where she guides you through the lessons she talks about in the book to help you truly grasp and learn the same lessons in your life. The program includes video trainings, “My Fight With God’ book and workbook as well as personalized chat to help you wherever you may be stuck and one-on-one sessions with Ms. Pink, herself.  Ms. Pink is dedicated to ensuring you learn the lessons and find Victory in their surrender!

7 Round One-on-One Fight Coaching Program


Or 7 weekly payments of $25

Ms. Pink has developed her Amazon Best-Seller into two group coaching programs that are perfect for a women’s meeting, ministry or just a unique twist on Girl’s Night Out.

You have the choice of licensing Ms. Pink’s program and system for your own personal use or to have Ms. Pink come in and facilitate the program. No matter what option you choose Ms. Pink is dedicated to ensuring your group learns the lessons and finds Victory in their surrender!