Ms. Jennifer Pink, affectionately known as the Single Mom Sage, is the Chief Decision Maker at JVillage, Inc. She is a self-described “mompreneur;” one that has dedicated her life to providing resources, information and support that inspires and empowers single mothers in their journey.

Jennifer was the product of a single parent home, and was surrounded by aunts, cousins and close family friends who were also single parents. Therefore, it came as no surprise to anyone (or herself) that Jennifer too became a single parent. She narrowly escaped being a teen parent as well, as were many of the women around her; at the age of 21 she became a single parent. Unfortunately,  by the time Jennifer was 30 she found herself a single mother of 2; divorcing, jobless, homeless, and on welfare. In her despair, struggling to keep from losing her mind altogether, she made up her mind to “answer the call” and to find her true purpose in life. Despite her best efforts, she still felt the pressures surrounding her; nearly succumbing to them, but given another chance—she found a job, found herself in a home, and shortly after that welcomed a third child into her life.

Jennifer soon discovered a true axiom: the road to becoming who you were born to be is NEVER met without resistance, opposition, and growth. She fell victim to her own low self-esteem and feelings of being unworthy of greatness; and found herself facing death at the hands of a man she had believed was her savior. She is quoted as saying, “he choked the life into me rather than out of me!” She realized, after this encounter, that she did not know love—neither how to give it, nor receive it; and this lack of understanding of love was the cause (and cure) for much of her pain.  With hard work and renewed determination, she forced herself to grow from everything that she had been through—from being a fatherless child, to being a broken teen who equated sex with love, to being a young single mother struggling to understand her pain, to being a wife for all of the wrong and divorce-inducing reasons, to being a survivor of domestic violence, to eventually merge them all into a woman who simply wanted love, peace and a happily blended family.

She changed her methodology as she continued to her metamorphosis.  Jennifer began walking in her purpose as a single mom life coach, sharing her wisdom with any woman who desired to listen. She wrote best-selling books, she built a THRIVING business, and she began to intentionally create relationships that pushed her higher rather than tear her down. Jennifer began to reevaluate her parenting, adopting methods that would help them learn from her lessons; and she relentlessly pursued a career that would  put her in the enviable position of never being homeless again. However, through it all, there was still one thing missing: her dream of having a complete family, including one more baby.

Today. Jennifer McGhee—Ms. Jennifer Pink—has fully accepted and moved into the next level of purpose for her life. The empowerment of single mothers, and their growth and development from merely surviving into powerful women abundantly thriving; will always be her primary passion.  However, today she also assists the Black community with her husband, as the two of them seek to speak with one voice toward the changes necessary for that community’s advancement. Together these sages share their knowledge and wisdom with others, in order to instruct, correct, and help the community grow as needed. Ms. Jennifer Pink will always be focused on each of the lives she comes across, single mothers and others; serving each of them through her own experiences, striving to be a change agent for all she encounters, with the fiery and intense passion that only she has.


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