Ms. Pink is truly on a mission to change the family unit starting with the single mothers, but more change agents are needed. These are the men and women that Ms. Pink trusts most to help change the family unit!

Merissa V. Grayson is a dynamic and driven Lawyer, Author, Speaker, and Problem Solver.

Her work is centered around Family, Personal, and Business Development. She is the founder and Principal Attorney at her firm, The Law Office of Merissa V. Grayson. Passionate about educating and inspiring people, she is frequently invited to speak at conferences, workshops, schools, churches, legal clinics, non-profits, and many other organizations on topics related to family, business, and self development. She also facilitates educational and legal seminars and workshops to raise awareness throughout the community and to encourage individuals to be proactive in their personal and legal affairs.

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Naja Hall founded Blended and Black, a solution based platform dedicated to mending and blending Step families. Her goal is to start conversations about broken families and bring awareness to how they affect our community. She provides families and individuals the tools by which they can learn to form a more cohesive family system free of the drama that usually surrounds divorce, separation and remarriage. Naja hosts a weekly podcast, contributes written and video content and she provides a host of professional services for Blended family members. Naja has a Bachelors from the University of Tennessee in Family and Consumer Sciences. She is a Certified Family Life Educator with the NCFR. She is a Mediator and Blended Family Coach and holds a membership with the American Bar Association as a Dispute Resolutions Associate. More information can be found at www.BlendedandBlack.com

Patricia Amorim, is a Co-Parenting educator and certified life coach. She supports, teaches, guides and provides resources for better Co-Parenting and understanding of custody options. Patricia believes that it is imperative that children have both parents positively involved in their upbringing. After living with the devastating effects of not having her own father in her life, she has worked hard to insure her children do not have the same void in their lives. In the process of trying to become an effective co-parent, she found that there were limited resources to help parents maintain stability in a child’s life. A courtroom is not always the answer. There is a better way.
Patricia educates individuals on essential skills to develop into parents that are fully aware of their responsibilities. She helps them understand that when facing discrepancies between expectation and performance, that they shouldn’t give up on the challenge, and find other plans to co-parent efficiently. She stands shoulder to shoulder with co-parents and shares a vision of what can be or how to make the experience better. Patricia is here to support, encourage and lend a guiding hand to what can be at times a painful experience.
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