As a natural parent, “Crunchy Mama”, I am always looking for new ways to be both stylish and crunchy. If that means I can do those, AND support a Black-owned business at the same time, yeah, that makes me pretty danged excited. With that, I finally ventured outside of my gDiaper world, and I purchased a cloth diaper and wet bag combo that I have been eyeing for a minute or two.

A New Cloth Diaper

(In my fancy shmancy model fashion show runway emceeing voice) Up first, Baby J Pink is modeling the “Brown and Bougie” cloth diaper by CooperRose.

I mean, what’s not to love about this diaper on this booty? Of course my husband was like, “a white diaper?” (Men, amiright?) Yeah, I hear you sir, but she broke that bad boy in on the first wear, and it came out perfectly clean in the wash! Who said babies can’t wear white, huh?

Breastfeeding Chic

Now then, a shopping trip isn’t a complete shopping trip without a little something for the Mommy! I love breast feeding (as you all already know), but what I don’t love is the price tag that they put on the clothes! Also, I don’t love that I can’t wear dresses. I’m a girly girl, after all! Yes, they make breastfeeding dresses. That’s not my point. My point is, have you seen the pricetags on these dresses?  Sheesh!

(Runway voice again) Take a look at this unhemmed pink jersey dress from Chic+Discreet

See, what I did was, I waited until she released her spring dress—and I picked up a pink (but of course) t-shirt dress and I absolutely LOVE it! It’s super duper comfy, and I simply lift the panel to feed the baby. It doesn’t require any hooks or any buttons—lift and feed, man, lift and feed. There’s a small issue; my booty being what it is, makes the dress look a tad bit shorter than I like. That’s a personal matter with most of my clothes, though. Don’t judge me; I get it from my mama. I can’t wait to order more pieces!

Here’s a few more pictures of Baby J Pink and I










Welp, that’s all I have for today on these. Tell you what, though; if you come across any products that are both stylish AND created with Crunchy Moms like me in mind, drop me a note in the comments. If you got links, leave them too. Shopping girls gotta shop, ya know?

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