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Ms. Pink’s World is the perfect blend of Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, Activism, Black Pride and Advocation for Healing and True Prosperity. Whether you are looking to THRIVE personally or professionally; Ms. Pink is sure to challenge you and help you unlock the answers you need to GROW to your next level.

Unlock Your Passion & Purpose

Are you tired of the mundane circle of life? Are you tired of just existing and merely providing for your kids?

It’s time to take back your life and live with passion on purpose

Brand Creation

Your brand is more than a pretty logo, it’s the emotions it creates and the essence it leaves behind. Are you ready to create the brand that will Grow with you?

The perfect blend of Growth Coaching + Brand Creation & Development

Brand Management

Are you looking for more than an assistant? Someone who can do more than manage your social media?

Assistant+Creative+Brand Growth =

Ultimate Brand Manager


“Honestly what I loved most about working with Jennifer was not her expediency or even her unbelievably great price, but it was that SHE CARED”

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