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Ms. Jennifer Pink is rapidly becoming the voice of GROWTH and Self Love within the Melanin Mother community.

She speaks on a variety of topics from Natural Parenting to Self Care as a Mom; Life as a MOMpreneur and Developing and Growing Your Brand.

Coach & Mentor

Are you tired of just surviving life? Are you ready to release the past? Are you ready to get clear on where you are going in your life?

Jennifer is a certified life coach who specializes in assisting Mothers with unlocking their passions and purpose to THRIVE!

A True GROWTH Catalyst 

The principles and disciplines that Jennifer teaches aren’t just helpful- they are catalytic and life- changing. Once you have a session with her your perspective is forever changed; once you apply what she teaches, you will never be the same!

Ms. Jennifer Pink

Chief Decision Maker

Ms. Jennifer Pink is the Chief Decision Maker at JVillage, Inc. She is a true “MOMpreneur;” one that has dedicated her life to providing resources, information and support that inspires and empowers mothers especially melanin mothers in their journey.  Throughout her journey of empowering and coaching Jennifer discovered a true axiom: the road to becoming who you were born to be is NEVER met without resistance, opposition, and GROWTH. Ms. Jennifer Pink— Mrs. Jennifer McGhee— has moved into the next level of her purpose. The empowerment of mothers, and their growth and development from merely surviving into powerful women abundantly thriving; will always be her primary passion.  However, today she also assists the Melanin Family with her husband, as the two of them seek to speak with one voice toward the changes necessary for the transformation and healing of families. Together these sages share their knowledge and wisdom with others, in order to instruct, correct, and help others grow as needed. Ms. Jennifer Pink will always be focused on each of the lives she comes across, serving each of them through her own experiences, striving to be a change agent for all she encounters, with the fiery and intense passion that only she has.

What Ms. Pink Does Best

Certified Growth Coach

brand creator & designer

healing agent

natural parenting advocate

melanin family visionary

melanin community activist

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