Thee Ultimate Black Biz Strategist

Meet the ‘Angela Davis’ of Business

Unveiling the Visionary

Step into the empowering world of the woman they call ” The Angela Davis of Business”, the visionary force behind Black Business Over Everything. From overcoming single motherhood struggles to transforming Black Business her journey is as inspiring as her bold approach. Explore the impact of her transformative talks, join the movement for strategic success, and be dared to live unapologetically in your authentic self.

Black Biz Strategist

Craftin strategic pathways for Black Businesses to not just survive but THRIVE in the marketplace.


Guiding Black Women towards resilience, success and self-discovery in the world of MOMpreneuring.


Igniting change through dynamic talks that challenge, inspire, and propel listeners to take action in their lives and business.


A distinguished 4x Amazon Bestseller, she shares strategic insights and wisdom, most notably in her acclaimed soon to be released book ‘The Game Sold And Told: Unraveling The Insider Secrets to Black Business’, unlocking the keys to success for those ready. 

Thought Provoker

I provoke critical thinking to break through barriers and foster personal and professional growth.

Cultural Revolutionist

As the leader of the revolutionary ‘Silver Rights Movement’ I aim to change the narrative within the Black community.

JKids Mommi & BiBi

Navigating the beautiful journey of motherhood and grandparenthood with love, resilience and unapologetic joy.

changing the narrative

In the 20th century, our ancestors and parents fought for Civil Rights; the right to be treated humanely in accordance with the laws of God and man. In the 21st century, we and our descendants will fight for Silver Rights; the economic empowerment to do everything necessary for ourselves and for our own people.

Our Mission: To assist our people in the founding, growth, development, and flourishing of their businesses and institutions, at every stage necessary; in order to achieve economic empowerment for us all.

Let’s Get Social


As a Single Mom to the 4 JKids and proud BiBi to one JBaby, I’ve navigated life’s trenches, from the struggles of single motherhood to the harsh realities of being homeless and utterly broke, busted, and disgusted. Through these challenges, I’ve honed a no-nonsense, no-fluff approach to life and business.

My passion and dedication to seeing Black Businesses not only compete in the marketplace- but become successful and THRIVE- led me to create Thumbprint Collective. The Collective was founded on the principles of the Sliver Rights Movement– using economic means to uplift and advance our own ethnicity and culture. With over 13 years of entrepreneurial experience, my journey has been a testament to resilience, resourcefulness, and the unwavering belief in the power of Black businesses. Over the last few years, I realized that it really is Black Business Over Everything.

My ultimate mission extends beyond monetary gains; it’s about ensuring Black Businesses not only compete but thrive in the marketplace. Success, to me, is measured not just in financial prosperity but in the ownership and amplification of their voice, power, and unapologetic Blackness.

Through my roles, both personal and professional, I am committed to changing the narrative, dismantling barriers, and empowering Black businesses to reach new heights. The journey is undoubtedly challenging, but it’s the journey that shapes the narrative—let’s rewrite it together.

werk with Pink

“Black Wall Street” was more than just Tulsa. We built Greenwood, Hobson City, Blackdom, Dobyville & Seneca Village just to name a few.

They burned what we built and thought they destroyed who we were. But the truth is we can’t die we can’t be stopped, we can’t be silenced, and we can’t be told what to do. We will no longer beg for a seat at their table because it just ain’t what we do.

We no longer need to follow their blueprint because we have finally created the BLACKprint. Tomorrow is ours for the taking simply because it’s Black Business Over Everything!

And just so we’re clear we no longer care about their history, teachings, or culture because we have our own. We are unapologetically Black in every area of our life moving forward.

The Community

Black Business Over Everything is a space created to assist Black business owners with growing their businesses through trainings, open dialogue, opportunities, and real Black Biz strategy. This is not a pitch space but rather a space to come together collectively and support one another because we are in fact…


Black Biz Strategy

Unlock the true potential of your Black Business with our strategic consulting services. From market analysis to tailored growth plans, we provide comprehensive strategies designed to elevate your business in today’s competitive landscape. It’s time to create the BLACKprint for your success.

BrandPrint 101 Masterclasses

How many times in your last social media scroll did you see somebody talking about branding and marketing?

Waaaay too many, I’m sure.

Well, it’s time to stop talking about it and be about it. Our 3-series masterclass gives you the BLACKprint on developing, growing, and scaling your business. Our experts are ready to break down branding, marketing, and biz management in a way you’ve never experienced, that will have you overstanding how to make that schmoney and change the culture.

The Merch

Our ancestors fought so we could exercise our Civil Rights. We build Black Businesses so we can capitalize on our Silver Rights. Show ’em just how serious you are about Black Businesses with our newest Silver Rights Collection ‘Black Business Over Everything’!

Pink writes


The Game Sold and Told

My Fight With God

Prayers of A Single Mom

Pink Speaks

Brutally Honest & Unapologetically Right

Black Businesses are not only necessary, they are revolutionary and the key to Black Wealth. Because of this, I overstand the importance of bringing high-value content that ain’t filled with a bunch of BS and Googleable tips- especially when it comes to empowering, transforming, and impacting Black Business Owners. This is why I am dedicated to providing Black Business Owners with their authentic BLACKprints to success. My signature talks can add immense value to your events and provide your audience with the knowledge, strategies, and motivation needed to take their businesses to the next level.

Black Bizness

Immerse yourself in the reality of Black entrepreneurship with ‘Black Bizness.’ I bring real-world experience, no-nonsense advice, and unapologetic authenticity to explore the challenges, triumphs, and impactful strategies that drive Black businesses. Get ready for actionable insights that propel your business forward.

Biz Strategy

Elevate your business game with ‘Biz Strategy.’ Experience a session filled with no-nonsense and real-world strategies I provide actionable insights and strategic thinking tailored for Black Business Owners, ensuring you leave with the tools to navigate and conquer the complexities of business.


Embark on the unique journey of being a Black MOMpreneur. I blend real-world experience, no-nonsense advice, and unapologetic authenticity to explore the challenges and victories of being a Black Mom in business. Gain actionable insights, strategic thinking, and the motivation needed to build a successful business while nurturing your family.

Wanna Get Strategic?

Unlock Your Success

Ready to elevate your business game? Dive into my latest ebook, ‘It Ain’t Your Business, It’s Your Lack of Strategy.’ Packed with real-world insights, actionable advice, and strategic thinking, this guide is your key to overcoming challenges and propelling your business to new heights. Grab your copy now and transform the way you approach success!